Golden Globes Awards

Welcome Back Readers,

This past Sunday was the Golden Globes, an award show meant to honor the best works in film and television from this past year. Hundreds of celebrities flocked to this star-studded event to show off their beautiful designer gowns. Many celebrities chose to wear black to show support for the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movement. Although everyone was united in solidarity by wearing all-black, there was no shortage of iconic fashion moments. 

Founder, CEO, and Designer Timi S. had jaws dropping the moment she arrived in a designer dress and her personal hand crafted black heels with pearls design to top it all off. Sexy and sophisticated as always. Timi had a lot going on that day but with a little organization, a positive attitude, and the right mindset she managed to not only take care of her business but pull off a stunning look later that night. Talk about a Real Woman!

Overall, the night was a success! The TadazzleMe team got to experience the Golden Globes red carpet event for the first time and were able to display one of Timi’s very own shoe design for everyone to see.

With love, 

TadazzleMe Team


TadazzleMe by Timi S. Pearl shoe design. 

TadazzleMe by Timi S. Pearl shoe design.